Forest Management

forest management

AKS Forest Solutions specialises in providing you with a tailor made solution to optimise the management of your forest providing sustainable environmental, social, economic and cultural outcomes.

We manage native forests and plantations across the Tasmanian landscape from small holdings to large estates and provide a complete solution from;

  • forest practices plans,
  • contractor engagement and supervision,
  • we find the best available markets,
  • we use the shortest legal cartage route
  • our forest managers are highly skilled, professional and courteous with many years experience


Our engagement process.

Once a land owner makes initial contact and expresses interest in pursuing an operation, a letter of introduction is sent describing AKSFS approach and basic operations. If a landowner wishes to take it to the next step a site inspection is undertaken to ensure that a sustainable outcome can be achieved. An assessment of harvestable volumes is made and a proposal is prepared with pricing of products to optimise returns. Depending on the scale of the operation either a letter of acceptance or a formal contract is sent to the landowner.  This is the method of securing engagement for further work to be undertaken and subsequent addition of the agreed area to our Defined Forest Area.

After an agreement is signed the in-depth forest practices planning process is initiated.  This requires discussion with the landowner regarding their management objectives, further site visits, liaison with the Forest Practices Authority, the purchasing companies and contractors, prescribed neighbours and local government.