AKS Forest Solutions

AKS Forest Solutions (AKSFS) is a responsible forest management and wood brokering company operating in the private and public forest sectors in Tasmania.

We are committed to providing our clients with quality outcomes in terms of service, forest management and financial returns. We operate as a wholly Tasmanian owned business engaging professional, respected and skilled employees and contractors able to deliver sustainable forest management while optimising economic outcomes and maintaining a profitable business.

AKSFS is certified to the Australian Standard for Sustainable Forest Management AS 4708 as a Resource Manager and Broker and continues to maintain a high standard through successive external audits. Certification provides landowners with qualifying forests under our management the opportunity to sell certified forests products into the market place. Being able to supply certified forest products increases market opportunities.

AKS Forest Solutions is respected as a forest manager by clients, contractors and customers alike. We manage the supply chain from the forest to the mill door ensuring control to deliver sustainable, quality outcomes. Our knowledge and understanding of the market ensures optimum returns for forest owners.

Thank you for considering AKS Forest Solutions.

You can contact us to discuss the management of your native forest or plantation.

With regards,

Tony Stonjek
Forestry Director